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Revisiting Ransomware Protection:



Revisiting Ransomware Protection:


A View Towards a More Rounded approach to Endpoint Security

Ransomware is a low risk, high reward opportunity for criminals. The number and sophistication of ransomware attacks have increased significantly. And given the increasing value of business data and functioning IT systems, this threat will only continue to grow.

Traditional approaches to mitigating ransomware need to be re-evaluated. The advanced design of today’s ransomware cyberattacks requires organizations to adopt an “assumebreach” mindset. An assume-breach mindset means thinking like an attacker, helping you to detect and isolate adversaries before they traverse your network and inflict serious damage.

Combining endpoint protection solutions offers increased security across the organization, and better response capabilities to security events. Taking an assume-breach mindset allows you to prioritize in-depth controls and better prevent the propagation of ransomware post-perimeter.

More effective endpoint protection has become increasingly urgent given that the attack surface – namely the scope of endpoint user access and permissions – has expanded dramatically, with more remote workers, growing third-party
ecosystems and cloud infrastructure.



In this eBook we look at a combined, defense-in-depth approach to
ransomware protection. This includes stronger access and permission security
with Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM) solutions working alongside
common endpoint security tools such as Endpoint/ Extended Detection and
Response (EDR/ XDR) and Next Gen Anti-Virus (NGAV), to provide stronger,
more rounded protection against today’s dynamic ransomware.


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