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How to choose the ideal IDaaS for your organization

The complete buyer’s guide to IDaaS


Today, many businesses are turning to IDaaS solutions. In an era of on-demand services and on-the-go employees, the solution makes complete strategic sense. This free white paper will help you choose the ideal IDaaS for your organization.

What is Identity as a Service (IDaaS)?

IDaaS is a cloud-based authentication solution. It is a service for forward-looking companies who are determined to avoid cyberattacks, IT infrastructure cost and pointless complexity. An IDaaS solution is an IAM platform, delivered as a cloud-based service, hosted and managed by a trusted provider.

Why IDaaS is the right approach

An IDaaS forms a robust security stance for your company. It lets you verify every user’s identity, validate their devices and intelligently limit their access – the key pillars of Zero Trust Security. IDaaS will manage user identities and access privileges, helping you to accelerate productivity. You will be able to monitor and report access, ensuring both compliance and security. These are just a few of the risk reducing features and benefits.

Find out how IDaaS can offer a scalable solution for your organization.


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