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How to Stay Ahead of Ransomware: A Review of Combining EDR and EPM

Defense-in-depth with Endpoint Detection (EDR) and CyberArk Endpoing Privilege Manager (EPM)


How to Stay Ahead of Ransomware: A REVIEW OF COMBINING EDR AND EPM

It has been estimated that globally, ransomware damage costs will reach $20 billion by 2021 – 57 times greater than it was in 2015. This makes ransomware the fastest growing type of cybercrime.

Endpoints connected to the Internet, overwhelmingly, are the main point of entry for ransomware. The attack surface has expanded dramatically alongside a proliferation of connected device types, a growing remote workforce, and expanding third-party ecosystems. Cyber-criminals have opportunistically ramped up the frequency and sophistication of ransomware.

Organizations are challenged to reduce their endpoint security risk. Damage may come from disruption of business operations and/or extortion. And as many victims will attest, ransomware does not stop at the endpoint but seeks to propagate deeper into organizations, for more valuable data.

This eBook will examine why an endpoint defense-in-depth strategy against ransomware requires identity controls and endpoint security technologies to work together. We will focus on how CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager (EPM) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) together can keep you a step ahead from ransomware attackers.



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