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A Dummies Guide to Identity Security

An eBook based on popular demand 


Learn the security strategies you need to protect your business.

CyberArk’s special edition Identity Security for Dummies is written in a conversational tone. It is a free eBook, designed to make the security topic accessible to you. Using simple language and illustrative examples, we outline essential topics on cyber security.

This guide will help you to safeguard digital identities and defend your company’s most critical assets. The content is relevant to technical and business stakeholders alike.

Four main themes are covered

· Identity Security model

· Risks of unsecured digital identities

· The foundation of a Zero Trust enterprise

· Six action steps to succeed in Identity Security

Why do you need to protect your business?

Unmanaged security concerns can eventually lead to identity-driven breaches and data loss. Our actionable information helps you to avoid frustration caused by ineffective practises and policies. Armed with new knowledge, you can follow reliable principles and run a cost-efficient business.

This eBook will fully clarify the need for improved security across your enterprise. Find out how your organization can establish better habits and eliminate risk.


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