Privileged Access Management

"Privileged Access Management is one of the most critical security controls, particularly in today’s increasingly complex IT environment. Security and risk management leaders must use PAM tools in a long-term strategy for comprehensive risk mitigation"

- Gartner i Gartner's Magic Quadrant for PAM, 3. desember 2018

Privilege Access Management (PAM)

Privileged Accounts and the access they provide, represents the largest security vulnerabilities an organization faces today. Why privileged accounts are attractive targets for attackers: 

  • privileged accounts are everywhere, in every networked device, database, application and server in hybrid, cloud and ICS environments, and through the DevOps pipeline

  • privileged accounts are used by both human and non-human/machine users have all-powerful access to confidential data and systems 

  • privileged accounts grant too broad access rights, far beyond what is needed for the user to perform their job function

  • privileged accounts go unmonitored and unreported and therefore unsecured 

Simply put, whoever gains posession of privileged accounts gains access to control organization resources, disable security systems, and access vast amount of sensitive data.

All predictions point to privileged account abuse worsening in the future unless organizations take action now.

Best practices dictate that privileged access management should be incorporated into an organizations' core security strategy. Privileged accounts are a security problem and need singular controls put in place to protect, monitor, detect, alert and respond to all privileged activity. 

Privileged Credentials are The Keys to the IT Kingdom

They are required to unlock privileged accounts, and they are sought out by external attackers and malicious insiders as a way to gain direct access to the heart of the enterprise.

As a result, an organization's critical systems and sensitive data are only as secure as the privileged credentials required to access these assets.

Most organizations today rely on a combination of privileged credentials such as passwords, API keys, certificates, tokens, and SSH keys to authenticate users and systems to privileged accounts. When left unsecured, attackers can compromise these valuable secrets and credentials to gain posession of privileged accounts and use them to advance attacks against organizations.


To prevent targeted attacks, protect the keys to the IT kingdom and keep sensitive data away from attackers, organizations must adopt a privileged access management strategy that includes proactive protection and monitoring of all privileged secrets and credentials.

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