Identity & Access Management

Increased security and reduced costs with automated user management

Why Identity & Access Management

The reasons to start working with Identity and Access Management (IAM) can usually be summarized with the following three main benefits:

  • Compliance

  • Reduced cost of user management through automation

  • Improved IT security posture

These are all important aspects, but for each organization, there is usually one factor that drives the incentive towards introducing an IAM project, more than the others.


There are a number of regulatory requirements that organizations need to adapt their business to.


These are for example, GDPR, SOX, ISO, PCI DSS, FDA and more.

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The cost of creating, managing changes, and eventually terminating an employee in the systems is associated with high costs and complexity.

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With the centrally built IAM system, you have full traceability about who has been in which systems at a certain time.

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Who has access to what and when?

We take responsibility for the entire IAM process, assisting our customers to increased security and lower costs. Our IAM solutions can be local, cloud-based or hybrid.

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