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14 December 09:00 CET

WEBINAR: Risk Free Identity Security

Ever wondered how many ex-employees still have access to your company data?

Do you have any idea how much money is wasted by manually assigning access via help desk staff?

Find it challenging to answer auditors’ questions around access?

  • Who has access to what?
  • Are they using this access?
  • Why do they have this access?

Would you like to solve some of these challenges over the next few weeks?

Regardless of whether you want to tackle automation, compliance or to achieve least privileged access first, the RiskFree Identity Security program has been designed around SailPoint's implementation best practices to make sure you get value from your purchase in just 4 weeks. This allows you to tackle real business issues at pace, keep auditors happy and achieve continuous level of visibility in access risk you never had before.

Join us online on December 14th 9AM CET for a 30 minute session with Geir Christensen who will take you through the whats, the hows and the potential ROIs you can expect from SailPoint's Risk Free Identity Security Program.

About the Speaker

Geir Christensen | Sales Executive, SailPoint

Geir helps customers overcome the challenges they today face in opening up their infrastructure to do business with multiple users across a magnitude of platforms (on-prem and cloud) ensuring that all users have been granted an access based on a need and a validated relationship, whether they are employees, contractors, business partners or customers.

With more than 25 years of working in the Identity Governance space Geir can help you assess the best way to address your needs and ensure that you can leverage the market leading technology from SailPoint and the best practices that SailPoint and our partners have accumulated through hundreds of implementations. Governance is key to your operation and Geir has the insight to address it based on governmental legislation and vertical demands.

Time & Location

14 December 09:00 CET

Session language: Norwegian

Participation cost: FREE

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