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8 December 09:00 CET

WEBINAR: Bringing Active Directory Back from Hell

This session will cover what it’s like when your first gate of protection has already been broken through and you are trying to survive. The intruders are already in your network and have even compromised your Active Directory forest.

It’s the story from a real-live IR-situation of how Semperis recovered a Middle-Eastern company from an in-progress cyber-attack, after their AD was already fully compromised.


About the Speaker

Guido Grillenmeier | Chief Technologist, Semperis

Guido Grillenmeier is Chief Technologist with Semperis. Based in Germany, Guido was a Microsoft MVP for Directory Services for 12 years. He spent 20+ years at HP/HPE as Chief Engineer. A frequent presenter at technology conferences and contributor to technical journals, Guido is the co-author of Microsoft Windows Security Fundamentals. He’s helped various customers secure their Active Directory environments, and supported their transition to Windows 10/m365 and Azure cloud services.

Time & Location

8 December 09:00 CET

Session language: English.

Participation cost: FREE

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