Endpoint Detection & Response

Security beyond the perimeter.

Combine managed endpoint prevention, detection and response in one lightweight agent.

Endpoint Detection & Response

As hackers develop more sophisticated attack methods, it's becoming more challenging to confidently address threats. During an incident, every second counts. Security and IT teams are often slowed down from a lack of context from alerts, excessive manual work required to investigate, limited automation, and a lengthy effort to remediate. These challenges often result in added uncertainty and outright fatigue.


Cybereason EDR correlates the enire attack across all endpoints in your environment to give your team a single view of an attack in real time.


With Cybereason EDR, your team can:

  • quickly examine an attack and respond immediately at scale

  • understand the scope of an attack in seconds and remediate issues and stop threats across all affected machines with a single click

  • get a complete picture of activity in your environment trhough behavioral analysis and data correlation across all devices in the Cybereason Defence Platform

  • take into account the most critical information about an attack with fewer false positives - reduce potential detection gaps through detailed, correlated, and enriched data from every endpoint

Empower your IT security team and analysts of all skill levels to:

  • rapidly investigate incidents

  • easily respond to alerts 

  • reduce the time to triage

  • accelerate prioritization and remediation

  • save time and effort

  • through automated detection and remediation

  • understand the entire attack in seconds

  • control your environment with full visibility and integrated remediation tools 

  • respond to threats with a single click

  • build detection rules across Windows, macOS and Linux

    • intuitive UI enables anyone to quickly understand the scope and impact of threats and immediately act as needed to increase SOC efficiency

Solutions and services we provide:

  • Cybereason Endpoint Prevention - Next Generation Antivirus

  • Cybereason Endpoint Detection & Response 

  • Cybereason Mobile Threat Protection

  • Cybereason Managed Detection & Response

  • Cybereason Mobile Endpoint Protection

  • Cybereason Remote Workforce Protection

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