Data-Centric Audit & Protection

Know your data. Protect what matters.

Data-Centric Audit & Protection (DCAP)

Where does your organization's sensitive data reside? Who has access to them? How did they get that access? Does the organization comply with all the necessary regulatory requirements? How much time and resources is spent on preparing for an audit or responding to one?  

Since GDPR came in full force in May 2018, several organizations (domestic and international) have received warnings and an increasing number are being fined for non-compliance. 

Netwrix Data Centric Audit and Protection solution is a data security platform that has a proactive approach to the concerns mentioned above. 

The platform gives one the ability to:

  • easily identify sensitive, regulated and business critical information

  • understand which data that needs to be protected and how exposed they actually are 

  • minimize the risk for data breach

  • detect ongoing threats 

  • make quick and informed decisions based on the correlated data presented 

  • facilitate the recovery of key data post data breach, and learn from the incidents 

  • achieve and prove compliance 

- regardless of where the information is stored (on-premise, in the Cloud, etc.)

For more informaiton on how Netwrix cam match your organizational needs, contact us for a free consultation meeting or a call. 

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