Our experienced consultants have extensive abd deep subject matter expertise within the field of Information- and Cyber security


The level of expertise we hold within our portfolio of services is one of our key success factors. Subject matter experts are vital to helping organizations solve highly specific problems where our clients' expertise proves insufficient.


Our competence extends from both practical and theoretical expertise in technology/systems/solutions, to business understanding and how various regulations are translated into operational processes:

With this, our advisors can help your organization:

  • Define standards and procedures based on your organization's nature and industry best practices

  • Define performance objectives, and determine acceptable performance levels

  • Provide recommendations for procedural improvement


Within his/her area of expertise:

  • Understand and apply language/terms/jargons 

  • Have an in-depth understanding of the knowledge required for effective decision-making

  • Ability to describe where anomalies or flaws may occur in decision-making

  • Act as a "go to" person within a department or function for questions and problems

  • Provide elaborative explanation of how things are done, the what, why and how

Our subject matter experts take great responsibility in ensuring the correctness of facts and details to secure an alignment between the agreed project deliverables and the needs of your organization, legislations, policies, standards and best practices.


We provide Advisory services with:

Business focus

  • Business Analyst

  • GDPR

  • Project Management

Technical focus

  • Solution architect

  • Cloud Information Security

  • Information Security

Among Sectors We Serve 

Health Care




Oil & Energy


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