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The Team

With extensive knowledge and experience from working with network infrastructure, information- and cyber security, and automation

Our team has a unique skillset and industry insights acquired through years of working within highly demanding IT environments

At Your Service

  • Marius Brekke
    marius.brekke [a]
    +47 926 51 400
    20+ years of experience within various roles within administration, business development, business strategy, sales and innovation.
    Strategy. People. Business understanding.
    Strengthening Kommando's position, as an IT provider within a globalised market. What business value the solutions we deliver can benefit you and your organisation as our client. Put together teams of different people that are able to deliver beyond expectations. Facilitate clients and partners with the prerequisites needed in order to create value for each party within well balanced agreements. Engage and involve Kommando's stakeholders - be it clients, employees, shareholders and society.
  • Peter Agild
    Managing Director Sweden
    peter.agild [a]
    +46 76 787 25 55
    Over 20 years experience within technical sales and leaderships roles jn the IT-industry within the Nordics. With knowledge from Telcos, System Integrators and Global vendors.
    Loves to build passionate teams and satisfied long-term customer relations. Consinuously strive to reach goals set and involve customers and team members in success.
    Building value for customers. Securing digitization in the Nordics. Working for team joy and satisfaction.
  • Henrik Jørgensen
    Solution Architect
    henrik.jorgensen [a]
    +47 911 65 898
    A highly experienced and holistic thinking solutions developer within data communications, telecommunications and information security. Experience from major industrial organizations, system integrators, deviceprodusers and service deliverers. Specific industrial knowledge within Oil and Gas, Healthcare, Bank and Finance.
    Ability to identify opportunities to create simple, yet powerful integrations between various systems. Holistic thinker. Simplify usage and operational solutions/processes through automation.
    Helping clients meet their complex needs through smart solutions. Enable clients with the ability to realize their goals of digitalizing critical business processes.
  • Fredrik Røssel Hegli
    Solution Architect
    fredrik.hegli [a]
    +47 934 45 335
    Over 20 years of experience in the IT sector with experience in diverse fields like development, infrastructure, security and operations, as well as management, project managment and architecture. Fredrik's primary focus for the last 10 years has been designing and implementing secure solutions for large and complex environments within the health sector in Norway.
    Deep technical insight into Microsoft OS and AD. Translating complex business needs into correct and secure technical solutions. Ability to communicate with both managers and technical personnel. Lifelong learner: "what got you here, won’t get you there". Humble and quiet, but confident and clear when needed.
    Automation and security. Finding the right solution for the right customer based on their needs. Getting things done.
  • Per Juvhaugen
    Solution Architect
    per.juvhaugen [a]
    +47 900 14 638
    Per has through the past years focused on the design and implementation of critical network- and information security solutions. Ha has also worked within data center operations and administration of Linux systems.
    Good business acumen. Ability to identify and understand how dedicated security solutions and the underlying infrastructures interact or clash.
    Using new technologies. Open source code. Åpen kildekode. Privacy on the Internet.
  • Jarle Mortensen
    +47 977 87 475
    Over 20 years experience within setup and operations of network infrastructures. Jarle is a reliable, independent, structured, analytical and quality centered senior consultant with solid execution skills.
    Network virtualization/ Stealth networking.
    Always delivering high quality, so clients feel that they get that "little extra" from his work.
  • Marian Alvarez
    IAM Architect
    marian.alvarez [a]
    +46 733 657 716
    Marian has worked with the area of information security in particular with solutions for access control and identity solutions (IAM) since 2000. Her work consists of analyzing the clients' needs and providing the right solutions for improving security in the interaction of the systems. Marian has gained a solid experience from working with complex technical systems. She has a good insight of the operational processes, while at the same time, focuses on the individual user perspective.
    a good disposition. an understanding of the customers' problems resourceful at finding solutions.
    Deliver value to customers through long-term solutions with good quality.
  • Jarle Sannes
    +47 932 07 610
    Experienced project manager within network- and cyber security. Jarle has been managing consultants and advisors for over 25 years, and has through that gained a broad experience from coordination of tasks and deliverables to delegation of duties. Jarle also has several years of services sales experience.
    Relationship builder. Structured and solutions oriented.
    Execution of meaninful project deliveries with a good team in close collaboration with clients, in order to provide added value and tailored solution to meet their needs.
  • André Storo
    Senior Advisor
    andre.storo [a]
    +47 959 43 091
    Over 10 years of experience within network and security in large, complex environments/organizations.
    Solve current and critical problems, and dig into complex and "hopeless" challenges that clients and users are facing. Look at problems from the clients' perspective. Explain technologies in a way that anyone may understand.
    Always delivering beyond expectations. "Happy clients and positive feedback is like fuel for the soul."
  • Dan Andersson
    dan.andersson [a]
    +46 707 309 773
    Dan has been working with IT since the mid 90’s. He focus on Enterprise Architecture, IT Strategy and Governance, especially within Cloud- and Identity and Access Governance. With a background as technical specialist and solution architect within the areas of IT-infrastructure, desktop deployment and IAM, Dan has in recent years worked with various assignments and had different roles within the Business IT domain, i.e., Consultant manager, strategic advisor, agile coach, SCRUM master, enterprise architect, project manager.
    Customer focused. Solving problems by asking “why”. Long experience and broad skills from the IT industry. Designing-, implementing- and supporting- large scale/global IAM solutions.
    Solving problems for customer business. Deliver outcomes.
  • Gard Undheim
    +47 977 28 671
    Over 10 years of experience as network- and cyber security consultant.
    Troubleshooting and designing of network- and cyber security solutions across technologies and platforms.
    New technologies in the intersection between network, security and services. Solutions that can reduce TCO while it delivers an increased uptime and higher security. Happy customers. At the end of the day, recognition and good feedback is something that warms a consultants heart.
  • David Horacsek
    +47 478 91 171
    David has, in the past ten years, been working with design, project, implementation and operations of cyber security solutions for organizations of all sizes with complex IT infrastructures.
    Structured. Goal oriented. Solutions oriented.
    Always delivering high quality.
  • Parmis Emtiaz
    parmis.emtiaz [a]
    +46 793 498 907
    During the last few years Parmis has been working as an information security specialist within the Identity and Access Management field. She has been assigned roles such as Technical Project Manager , Lead Developer, Scrum Master, Co-designer and much more.
    The ability to easily move between complex technical and strategic issues. Committed problem solver with the ability to organize, which makes her both thorough and efficient in her work.
    Helping clients' with the right solution for improving security in the interaction of the systems.
  • Øyvind Faxvaag Volden
    +47 412 27 229
    Experience from IT advisory, -operations and customer service on the side of his studies where he is currently undertaking a masters degree in information security at the University of Oslo.
    Solutions oriented. Analytical. Good business acumen.
    Creating awareness and the improvement of Privacy - online, in particular. Challenging tasks.
  • Katrin Bjärnebrand
    +46 709 705 464
    More than 10 years experience working with Information Security, with experience of different projects within the area, i.e Identity Access & Management and Privileged Access Management. She has had different roles within the area, i.e as an Advisor and Project Manager. Katrin has the past years worked with Audit and Compliance, primary whithin the areas of Data Privacy and Privileged Access Management.
    Relationship builder. Soulions oriented. Driven (doer).
    Deliver vaule adding projects to the clients.
  • Simon Gordan
    +46 73 369 92 88
    Simon have +10 years of experience in project management, process development, requirement analysis and Identity Access Management and have helped clients within multiple industries, e.g. insurance, banks, retail, telecom and public sector.
    Customer focused. Approach problems with a good understanding of the customers' perspective. Solid understanding of both technology and business. Ability to get different sides of an organization to understand the various requirements and challenges they may have.
    Solving complex problems. Delivering high quality.
  • Marius Rikheim
    marius.rikheim [a]
    Bachelor in programming and a master’s degree from University of Oslo in Information Security with focus on secure programming. Previously worked as backend and frontend developer.
    Practical and solutions oriented. Has a good combination of competence within development and information security.
    Building and increasing awareness regarding information security among developers. Challenges, especially related to technical tasks.
  • Fredrik Ståhle
    IAM/PAM Architect
    +46 (0) 707526709
    Over 25 Years of experience in the IT sector mostly as a freelancer in various positions like Infrastructure, Identity & Access Management mainly as an Architect and Team Leader. Fredrik’s primary focus for the past 10 years has been design and implementation of Identity solutions within large complex environments.
    Solution and goal oriented. Ability to identify customers' needs. Bridge between business and technology.
    Meeting the customer needs.
  • Manuel Galli
    Solution Architect
    manuel.galli [a]
    +47 41364224
    Working in IT for over 20 years, with experience in industries such as logistic, information technology, advertising, and shipping. The last few years the focus has been on Automation and Identity and Access Management.
    Extensive knowledge of Microsoft eco system, especially AD, AzureAD and Exchange. A pragmatic approach to translate business processes into technical solutions. Ability to interface with both the business department and the technical department.
    Automation and security. Identity Management and Identity Protection. Deliver secure solutions that also provide a good end user experience.
  • Anders Wollter
    anders.wollter [a]
    +46 706 021 691
    More than 15 years of experience in implementation and maintenance of IT solutions in the areas of integration and IAM security.
    Relationship builder. Team oriented. Focused on building sustainable and maintainable IT solutions.
    Building solutions that are easy to maintain.
  • Lars Olof Strid
    IAM Architect
    lars-olof.strid [a]
    +46 X
    Lars-Olof has been in the IT-industry since the late 80´s working with everything from Operations on mainframes to C++ Development. The last 15 years has been dedicated to IAM as an architect and senior adviser at large enterprise customer in the Nordic region.
    Broad knowledge both in infrastructure and Development(Full stack) which is a good thing when dealing with complex IAM projects and developments.
    Learning. Constantly trying to be in the forefront when it comes to adapting new tech.
  • Linnéa Eneskjöld
    Project Manager
    linnea.eneskjold [a]
    +46 791 04 48 80
    Linnéa has over 10 years of experience in the IT sector with focus on project management in complex infrastructure projects, within multiple sectors including finance, public sector, and large corporate sector.
    Problem solver – always has a positive outlook on any issue. Structured and organized. Has the ability to translate between technical to management.
    Delivering great technical solutions that solves issues or makes life easier. Customer satisfaction. Team building and team accomplishments, a diverse team has the best ability to deliver the best results.
  • Øystein Aune Sverre
    oystein.sverre [a]
    +47 90255829
    Bachelors in applied computer science from Oslo Metropolitan, granting a background in programming, database relations and design. Øystein is currently finishing his Masters in Cloud Services, with a focus on systems, deployments and scalability.
    Practical and versatile. Good at creating high quality solutions that integrate to create secure and efficient systems.
    Efficient, scalable and secure solutions. A high quality solution early on saves you a lot of time and energy later.
  • Aleksa Zivkovic
    aleksa.zivkovic [a]
    +46 760 440 038
    Aleksa is an upcoming IT Security graduate. Before pursuing his dream of working in IT he had been working for several years Retail specializing in Customer Service. He is eager to take on the challenges that his work in Kommando will bring. With great attitude and a craving for continuous development he plans to thrive in his workplace.
    Dedicated and efficient. Excellent social skills and ability to motivate himself and those around him. Ensures great quality and success in what he does. Great will to learn and grow within IT.
    Providing the best possible customer experience through great solutions, customer service and technical skills. Going the extra mile to not only meet, but aims exceed customers' expectations.
  • Johanna Arkinger
    johanna.arkinger [a]
    +46 76 556 63 96
    Johanna has worked many years within retail and as a flight attendant and is now following her dream by taking a step into the IT security industry. Specializing in cyber security is something she is really looking forward to do.
    Responsible and collaborates well with colleagues and clients. Prioritizing the common goal before her own. Always sees everyone's equal value.
    Working closely with clients. Initiative and effective. Making the most of the opportunities that come along, learn, develop and grow. Working for the future.
  • Magnus Skog
    Account Director Sweden
    magnus.skog [a]
    +46 76 762 61 33
    Over 20 years of experience in the IT sector with primarily project management in complex infrastructure and development projects. His main focus in recent years has been management, business development of services and quality deliveries in close collaboration with customers. With a strong passion for people and good business acumen, Magnus is leading our Swedish accounts towards optimum success.
    Committed, patient and determined in reaching goals with satisfactory results. Team management and business acumen. Prioritizes openness, commitment and providing valuable feedback to colleagues. Creative and solution oriented.
    Building value for customers. Solving problems - nothing is impossible. Making work a fun place to be.
  • Erlend Johansen
    Sales Director
    erlend.johansen [a]
    +47 916 39 421
    More than 20 years experience within solutions and complex sales. In addition to solution development to meet the needs of Healthcare and Financial sectors.
    Solution and goal oriented. A natural ability to understand the comlexity of each client and to identify befitting solutions together with clients.
    Finding good solutions together with clients that contributes to a better, more secure and automated infrastructure.
  • Egil Søgaard
    Sales Director
    egil.sogaard [a]
    +47 407 48 097
    More than 20 years experience within solutions sales related to ERP, network- nad security solutions.
    Good business acumen. Relationship builder. Ability to understand and facilitate client challenges and together with a team, deliver a solution that brings great value to clients.
    Quality throughout the entire process and value chain within Kommando and towards partners and clients. By following up and delivering quality to clients - turn them into long term partners. Exceed expectations.
  • Mathawee Sirikhan
    Marketing Manager
    mathawee.sirikhan [a]
    +47 928 68 129
    Mathawee has in the past eight years been worked with complex solutions sales with focus on Informations Security, Automation and Compliance. This, combined with her passion for creativity and in connecting business values with customer needs, will be the foundation of the work she will be doing in marketing for kommando.
    Strong business acumen. Relationship builder. Multicultural insight and understanding.
    Connecting client challenges with smart solutions that makes their day more effective and secure. Delivering quality and exceptional service. Contributing in ways that bring positive impacts on society.
  • Victor Ahlbäck
    Sales Coordinator Sweden
    kommando [a]
    Victor is a contracted sales consultant hired in through Innovation Support to assist the sales team in reaching out to the Swedish Market.
  • Rune Søvik
    Sales Coordinator Norway
    kommando [a]
    Rune is a contracted sales consultant hired in through Innovation Support to assist the sales team in reaching out to the Norwegian Market.
  • Erik Kaareng-Sunde
    Solution Architect
    erik.kaarengsunde [a]
    Erik has over 20 years experience in IT as Operation mananger and as a Senior Consultant. In that period he has designed, developed and implemented hosting sollutions and core infrastructure compnents for both small and large customers. His main focus has always been on security and automation.
    Hard working, but prefers to work smart. Allergic to boring repetative tasks, but loves to automate them.
    IT security, devops methology and delivering high quality work.

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